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Eye care product’s potent & quick-action formulations are guided by nature’s well-kept secrets. This is backed by years of in-house scientific research. Our products are made by advanced scientific processes and herbs from around the world while excluding harmful chemicals for your utmost safety. We have Combined the best in traditional and complementary care for your healthy vision. Our aim is to protect and preserve healthy vision with strategies, research and professional experiences.

    1. High usage of electronic devices.
    2. Redness, itching, pain, watering eyes.
    3. Burning sensation in the eyes.
    4. The haziness of eye lens.
    5. Delaying of cataract.
    6. Chronic and acute eye allergies.
    7. Eye muscle strengthening.

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Total eye care helps your eyes revive from the stress of online work life. The ancient Ayurvedic decoction ofPudina, rose, amalaki, haritaki, chandan, Palash, Apamarg with Jasad Bhasma harnesses the function and goodness of tears to protect your eyes.

      1. Protects from dryness
      2. Cools down the eyes
      3. Alleviates redness and nourishes
      4. Protection from digital screen

10 reviews for Total Eye Care Drop (1Box - 6 Bottles)

  1. Yogesh Kumar

    The best eye drops I’ve used for my red eyes, zero irritation, no side effects. Highly recommended for people who are suffering from red eyes.

  2. Monika Singh

    Amazing eye drop with affordable price, bought this for my eye infection. It worked very well.

  3. Chandra Shekhar

    My eyes always face dryness, redness and itchiness. After trying this eye drop, itching disappeared in the first few minutes. It also soothes burning and irritated eyes.

  4. Swati Singh

    I was suffering from a regular eye infection and then I came across this wonderful eye drop. It worked well and now my eyes are infection-free.

  5. Anchit Saxena

    My father was suffering from a cataract problem, and the doctor has advised us to use this drop apart from surgery. The result was amazing, he does not need surgery now.

  6. Anchita Saxena

    Purchasing from last 2 years continously, it is a very nice product and helpful for not getting any future problems of our eyes like cataract etc.,.

  7. rishabh dhiman

    It’s good eye drops

  8. Ley Sopheap

    It is very good product for our eyes (completely ayurvedic)

  9. Shubham Verma

    I use daily to my eyes really good product for eyes.. thanks total eye care really very good result with no side effects. 🙂

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Using Total Eye care is quite simple. If you want to go for best results, You have to use 2 drops of Total Eye care in each eye for 4 times everyday. For use in an external atmosphere, please wash your eyes with fresh water. There are no such restrictions in having food but we will advise you to use less non-veg, alcohol and spices. Eat almonds and drink carrot juice daily because it will help in the improvement of vision.We will provide you a progress chart with the Total Eye care drop. You have to fill this chart in recommended intervals. Follow the directions of use in the appropriate way.
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